Tuesday, January 24, 2012


"Hey Mom? When I go to sleep tonight you can decorate okay? For my birthday? Right, Mom? I'm gonna be 4!  Right, Mom?  Not today, but the next day?  Right?"

Right.  A little Scotch tape and crepe paper.

Some poster board and glitter to make lots of number 4s.

Add a few Ariel balloons.

Tie down a big heart balloon for the Birthday Princess.

Use a paint pen, more poster board, random bits of ribbon, and finger paint, for a special bunting.

Plus some swag should do it.

To celebrate 4 incredible years with our beautiful little girl.  Happy 4th Birthday Riley!


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  1. Way to go! Thanks for the reminder. :-) I realized I haven't put anything up for Audrey's birthday tomorrow. I will have to look online for a bunting I can print off for free! You had some great quick ideas.


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