Saturday, January 21, 2012

Natural Born


Riley swam for the first time last summer, in August on our Smith Lake trip to be exact. We went to the man made beach and an entire summer of mine and TG's instruction finally clicked.  I stood there in the sunshine with my arms outreached as she pushed off from the bottom and swam to me. It was such a special moment. She did it again, and again and again. Sometimes she would come up sputtering, forget to blow those bubbles, but she was always ready for more.

We have let her "instruction" lapse since the summer, but after Christmas she asked us if she could take swim lessons.  So we signed her up and dug her swimsuits out of storage.

Part of me really wants my kids to have some swimming talent. The other part of me dreads the time commitment I know it takes. Either way I know it's out of my hands because she loves it.

 Can't you tell?

She swam freestyle from the middle to the wall like it was no big thing at this lesson.  I asked her to give me her proud pose.  She said, "How's this?".  Perfect.

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