Sunday, October 23, 2011

Smith Mountain Lake

I'm the kind of person that has always had visions and experiences that I knew I wanted to create with my children. Trips to the pumpkin patch, cutting down a live Christmas tree, and apple picking are some of the things that I had dreamed of doing with my own family.

So when my dear friend suggested a group mini vacation this summer to the lake, I was all in. She got the ball rolling early enough for us to get a house on the water at Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia that would hold four families complete with 7 and 1/2 kiddos. It sounds crazy and it was a little bit, especially when we had to get creative in finding places for all the kids to sleep, but it was such a great time and we can't wait to do it again next year!

We tried fishing off our dock, but we didn't have much luck. The best part about the dock was the little cove to swim and float in.
The girls loved watching Disney movies on the little tv in the living room.

My little Sassy was so tan from all our days in the sun. She asked my friend to take this picture of her in front of the fireplace.

We fed the kiddos at a picnic table outside on the deck. They ate an entire package of chicken nuggets on this night.

Our house had a perfect fire pit that we used to make s'mores. Everyone enjoyed the sticky treat!

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  1. It looks like a really fun trip!! I'm also the type to have a ton of memory to-do's envisioned. So far we've accomplished a lot of them!


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