Saturday, October 22, 2011

Why I Do What I Do

Have I ever told you that TG is a teacher?

I knew when I met him 11 years ago that he had a gift for working with children. We met while lifeguarding and the children at our pool swarmed him everyday.

He loves his job and he is really good at it. And if teaching was like the jobs that other people have we'd be living large because he would be paid according to the hours he puts in, the results he gets, and the success he has. Believe me when I say, we would be millionaires if teachers were paid for the work they actually do. Except they are not.

The fairness of that is a whole different post, but like my Daddy taught me, life isn't fair. So I work too, in a job that is so precious and rewarding, but also physically and mentally exhausting for me.

Last night we were watching the end of Country Strong and I turned to TG and said, "Can you just imagine singing like that in front of a crowd that size? It seems so crazy to me." Without skipping a beat he replied "Yes, but some people might say caring for 6 children everyday is crazy."

I know he is right, because trust me you haven't seen judgement in a face until you're out at a local park wearing a baby in an ergo,watching two 3 year olds running wild and feeding three toddlers by your hip. I just pretend not to see them.

Several short sighted people have insinuated or shared their opinion that perhaps my husband should "get a real job" so that I don't have to work so hard. For a while I wasn't sure what they meant by a real job. What is a "real job"? One that pays more than being a teacher does? Something more important? Hours where there was no Daddy at tubby time? Jobs that mean I cook, clean, play, fold, vacuum, and read bedtime stories alone? A job that would mean snuggling dates on the couch watching Top Chef Just Desserts and Modern Family would become a party of one? I don't know.

Listen, I know no one would choose being away from their family or spouse and that work of all kinds is necessary to pay the bills. I know that some people are serving in our nation's Armed Forces and they are making the ultimate sacrifice so that my family can enjoy freedom. I know we are blessed that my husband has the working hours that he does while doing something that he has a passion for.

There are some days I wish I was a stay at home mom. But it's simple. I do this work because in my family it means we can have some pretty amazing things.

Things like...

Taking family trips to the park at 4:00. Eating dinner together every night. Having a partner to help me wash up after meals and clean up at the end of the day. Enjoying a DVR date night after our kids are bathed, snuggled and in bed.

And watching my husband play with our children in the middle of the afternoon.
Hearing my son imitate his Daddy's "vroom vroom" noises as they push cars along the track.

Watching my daughter laugh like crazy as they pretend to be driving animals in the dump truck to the zoo.

We're not millionaires and I work myself to exhaustion everyday, but I think we are living the sweet life.

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