Thursday, October 27, 2011

Peas In A Pod

Alternately titled: "Whatever Sissy is Doing, is Playing With, is Eating, I Must Also Do, Play With, and Eat"

Oh it can be a battle of wills sometimes. Just this evening poor Cam had to take several time outs because he wants what she is playing with and only the exact item she is playing with. He will not accept any substitutions because I think in his mind the only one good enough is the one that is good enough for her to be playing with. If he doesn't get his way he screams and cries. We try to encourage Riley to share, but we also want to make sure she feels like she can do her own thing.

There are moments, days and weeks where I worry I'm doing this parenting thing wrong. I don't always get it right and everyday is a learning experience.

But then there are times when I think we'll be okay. Like tonight when Camden took a time out because of a fit he threw over a matchbox car that Riley had. When he got up and gave her a hug to say sorry she patted him and handed him the car he wanted. He immediately found another one to give back to her and they started to play together. It was short lived before the next fit developed, but we enjoyed it anyway. That little glimpse told us that they do hear and understand what we are saying and teaching them everyday.

Like this day when Riley was painting in the kitchen. Camden marched in there and observed for a moment before crawling up on the chair next to her to paint just like his big sister.

There were a few tiffs when he tried to help paint on her paper, but they were so sweet sitting there side by side.
I want him to stay my baby just a while longer, but you can see how happy he is to be big just like his sissy.

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