Monday, October 17, 2011

Surf's Up!

Riley never ceases to amaze me. She's so full of life and up until now she has lived her life mostly fear free. Save a spider or two.

Last year she boogie boarded for the first time on the small breaking waves right by the shore. This year she begged TG to "takes me out deeeeep". The words "out deep" already gave me the heebs. But I got over it because they were riding tandem. The key part of that statement being "they were riding tandem".

Then TG discovered she could catch a better wave not only without him, but with him giving her a big push. Be still the heart of a Mama, but here's the thing.
She loved it.

 I mean really loved it.

Even when she whitewashed...

She hopped up, soaking wet, but ready to go again.

Surf's up, bow down, she's the queen of the waves.

Listen up, if you're the nervous mother type you might not want to read this next part because we might have given in and let little man take some rides.  We started slow because he's our baby of course, but he wasn't having any of that.  That's not his happy face.

He wanted the same big surf that his sister was riding.

So TG obliged and they headed out to sea.

Now that's a happy face.  The two of them make my heart swell.

It's a little hard to imagine what their sweet surfin' faces will look like in another year or how much more daring they will become.  But I can't wait to make more surfing memories with them.


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  1. Ah! That made me so nervous with Camden, but I'm so happy that he loved it! I don't know how you did it!


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