Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkinville 2011

Last week was pumpkin week for our daycare and on Friday we took our annual trip to Pumpkinville! The weather was perfect and even though there was a gaggle of children with us we had a lot of fun.  We visited the park in a big circle, starting with the animals and ending with a picnic lunch in the sandbox and bounce house area.

It's so funny to look back at the last few years that we have been there and how different it was this year. Last year Camden was only 5 months old and spent the whole trip snoozing in the baby carrier with a nursing break at the pirate ship sandbox.

This year Camden was a walking, talking 17 month old big enough to feed the animals all by himself.  He absolutely loves feeding the animals and when he is out of feed he tries to offer up his hand.

Don't even get me started on Riley. The first time we visited Pumpkinville she was my 19 month old doll baby. Now she looks like she could be in kindergarten! She was yelling because the deer took her ice cream cone feed cup right from her hand.

We overran the bounce house. Yes, it's full of only our daycare kids. No they weren't all in there. 5 more were outside watching. I think this is a pretty sweet action shot.

After we bounced ourselves silly we had a quick snack and then gave the bigger kids a turn on the hay slide. I dread the day Riley won't let me dress her in tutus and tights.

Then we marched over to the sandbox so everyone could play together and eat lunch.

If you live in our area you should definitely visit Pumpkinville! It's the perfect way to spend a fall day outside. 

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