Friday, October 21, 2011

Summer in Cell Phone Pics

One of many trips to the mall on a rainy day. Notice the rain boots.
We played with all the V-tech games and ate lollipops while we waited for Daddy in Best Buy.
Camden had his first trip to Chuck E. Cheese. He was too small for the basketball hoop so thirty seconds after this photo we stood him up inside of it and let him go wild. Please don't tell Chuck E.

I decided Riley's hair was long enough to braid just in time for the beach. She looked so grown up.

Another year, another round of skeeball. Check out that skeeball grin.

Riley and Camden rode on their first carnival ride together at the county fair.

We played at a local park, a lot. Some of my favorite memories of this summer happened at this park.

The Target dollar spot became our dress up spot.

We passed out in the car after summer days of fun.

It was an amazing summer and I was definitely sad to see this season in our lives go.
Farewell summer 2011!


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