Saturday, October 29, 2011

Down At The Farm

I'm all about pumpkin patches, fall festivals, apple picking, football, fall, fall and more fall. So how I've missed out on the farm we went to last Friday is beyond me. It's like our beloved Pumpkinville, but on crack.

I tell you the place is so big, we were there 2 hours and I'm certain we only saw about 1/5 of what the place had to offer. I've already started the coercion of TG to go back with our kiddos to try everything out. I mean the family sized slide from the top of a barn must be ridden I tell you. Multiple times if possible. And the huge rope swings into the hay?  Please, I'm gonna need a turn on those.

Anyhow, it was kind of chilly and gray that day, but we all had a great time and collapsed with happy exhaustion in the cars when we were done - after everyone got a mini pumpkin to hold fiercely in their laps on the way home of course. And by hold fiercely I mean claw another kids eyes out if they dared to even put a finger on their stinkin' pumpkin.

You can tell that we dragged them there against their will.  Actually I asked them all to say "PUMPKIN!", but the boys had no idea what was going on and the adorable kittens just flashed their trademark grins.

We hit this giant hay bale maze/play area/tunnel place first.  Little man could barely be bothered to stop for a quick photograph.

We could have stayed there the whole time - the kids were loving it. I'll admit I was a bit jealous and wanted in on the fun too!  Camden wanted to go in this tunnel, but he went in halfway, discovered it was pitch black in there and quickly beat feet back out to me.

Messy Sassy hair is definitely a sign of a good time had by all!

We spied this huge castle with hay slides and walked right up and then discovered that the actual line was snaking for 500 yards on the other side of the structure. Some nice people let our kiddos sneak in anyway. I just let Camden walk halfway up and then threw him on to get a ride in.

Our beloved little girl at 3 1/2 feet tall.

Little man, almost 3 feet tall already.

Trying out the monster feet on the way out! This farm had tons of amazing, okay chintzy, but very fun photo ops set up throughout the area.  Their market area actually has an orange VW beetle among huge piles of hay that I would love to get a family photo on!

"Mom, wook at me I'm a scar-wee monster!!!!"

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