Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Riley's First Day of Preschool

We started Riley in preschool this fall. To say that she was excited about going to school is an understatement.

Riley is in the bumblebee class at her school which consists of 10 3ish year olds that meet two times a week. So far she loves it and she has become confident in the routine of their day. At drop off she races through the door sometimes forgetting to even say goodbye, but she races out the door just as quickly when it's time for me to pick her up.

Sometimes she can't remember what they did that day until later on and then she will give us a diatribe of every moment and happening in the classroom. We've heard about people crying, her favorite activities, who the star of the day was, those that end up in time out, and "you get what you get, and don't throw a fit" to name a few.

Our favorite story so far was her rendition of the day they went to the chapel to meet the pastor for the first time. According to Riley, they lined up, had to sit quietly, and "we see God".

She is learning new facts, but as teachers we think the most important lessons in preschool are learning to respect adults, share with others, and follow directions. The first parent-teacher conference is in a few days so we are looking forward to hearing more about our little school girl.

For the first day of preschool I made a quick sign for her to hold and snapped some photos of her that we'll use to compare to the picture I plan to take on her last day of preschool. She was giving me her goofiest grin, but I think our little preschooler is as sweet as can be.

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