Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Festival!

Are you sick of the festivals yet? This festival was a new one for us because it is hosted by Riley's preschool. She was so very excited about it, although she didn't quite understand at first that we were going to be staying with her. On the way into our car she hollered and started back for the house saying, "Oh no I forgot my preschool bag!"

The morning of the festival was a little bit crazy around here. Thank goodness for the patient, man saint of a husband I have. See, that week the school sent home a form inquiring about bake sale items. They had a list of things and I checked off three figuring they would tell me which one they wanted me to make. So you can imagine my surprise when I got an email from the director saying you have been signed up to make cookies, cupcakes, and a cake. This was on Thursday night and they wanted the stuff by Friday. Whoops. At first, true to form, I had grand visions of a rainbow layer cake, and piped icing cookies, with pumpkin cupcakes. Then I got a grip and just decided to make Funfetti everything. So while TG kept the kiddos under control and got them dressed I flurried about my kitchen baking and packaging 2 dozen cookies, 2 dozen cupcakes and a fall cake just in time to leave for the festival. I think I'm done volunteering at her school for a while. 

Like Friday the weather was chilly and gray, but thankfully no rain.  Riley and Camden had a great time at the festival. She was sort of proud to be at her school with her family and he was just happy to be outside.  They both went on the moonbounce and slide and Sassy tried out several of the little carnival games. Camden's favorite part was playing on the preschool playground and generally running amuck. We were all definitely ready to go home and take good naps after an hour of fun at the festival.

Waiting patiently to get a black cat painted on her cheek.  I can't get over how big she is looking these days.

They had a crazy hair paint station set up right next to the face paint. Riley chose pink and then a layer of glitter for good measure.

Bounce slide time!  Don't let little man's face fool you - he looks terrified, but we have to drag him off of these rides kicking and screaming.

Riley of course is an old pro on all things bounce house.  Hands up for a real thrill ride!

Playing some bball just like her Daddy, er, I mean Mommy taught her. "Just slam that ball at the hoop baby and it might go in"

My little sweeties loved the playground seesaw.

Especially Camden.
You gotta love that feathery hair flying in the wind.

All ruffles and sparkle on the outside, but wild bouncer on the inside!

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