Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our Tree 2010

Last weekend we headed out to a local Christmas tree farm to cut down our tree.

Before you fake tree people get started let me just tell you that we've seriously contemplated a fakie every year. We know they are cost efficient, don't make a mess, are perfectly symmetrical and can stay up longer. But we just can't give up that smell of fresh evergreen. And I'm sorry, but no candle, room deodorizer, or spray smells as good as the real thing. (Although I'd have to admit Yankee Candle comes close).

So we bundled up the babies and hit the road on a crisp and sunny Saturday afternoon and headed west.

When we pulled in and Riley saw all the trees she said, "Wook Mom, it's farm world!" You can plainly see she was excited.

After walking around for ten minutes where TG kept turning down every tall and skinny tree I liked I finally gave in and let him choose something a little wider (that about perfectly sums us up as a couple) and he got to work.

Our little quality control workers.

After TG did all the hard work Riley said, "Let my try!" so we gave her a quick turn.

Camden just loved being outside and watching everything. TG and I couldn't help but think ahead to next year when he'll be running through the trees with his sister. But we definitely stowed away this little memory of him sitting so happily amongst the trees showing off his big boy teeth.

My boys.

My sweet girl.

She helped TG drag the tree down to be shaken, wrapped and purchased.

And we wrapped up our visit with some hot apple cider.


  1. ha! I loved your comment, over on my blog tonight. hahah!
    And your tree pickin' looks way fun! :)
    ~Shelley Smith

  2. Super cute pictures!!!
    My husband insists on getting a real tree next year!


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