Saturday, December 4, 2010

Seen and Heard


A holiday dinner of Christmas tree pb&j complete with Target baby puff stars and yogurt raisin snow mounds.

Miss Potato Face.

Riley and I snuggling before bed time.

Being forced to wear the candy cane headband from the Target $1 section. Can you tell she was still pretty sick in this photo?

My sweetie in a Tinkerbell dress and bow holding a "bee-u-tee-ful wose".

A picture of Camden and me that Riley took with my phone!


Riley coming into the kitchen where I'm feeding Camden.
Riley: Mom...I need to tell you sumpin.
Me: What's up sweet pea?
I knows you ta-wold me to be careful wit dis (it's a 20 cent wreath pick)...but I breaks it. (the paper price tag has come off)
Riley: I so sorry Mom.

Riley: Mommy? You gives me one liddle bear hugs? Wike dis? (quietly) grrrrrrr.

Watching The Wizard of Oz with TG.
TG: See, Dorothy lives in Kansas.
Riley: Kan-sw-ass?!?
TG: Yup.
Riley: Like Gammy and Gampy and Tata! That's my fabe-or-it fam-a-ly. I gonna gives dem a big hug! (she hugs herself)

Watching Tangled in the movie theater.
Riley: I don't wike dat scar-wee witch!
Me: I know.
Riley: She a tryin to get Ra-cun-zel and dat Fa-winn Rwider!

On a side note, Tangled was such a cute movie. It's definitely one of my favorites and if you have kids (or even if you don't!) you should go see it! We saw regular, but I'd recommend 3-d because there was a part in the movie that would have just been amazing in 3-d!

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  1. beautiful babies and a beautiful mommy! happy holidays to the family!


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