Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Seen and Heard


Our little friend Elfie. We read the story and named our Elf on November 30th. Day 1 - she was skeptical, like she wouldn't go down the stairs once she spotted him sitting on our tv. So I told her that the gift each day in the advent calendar tree was from Elfie. Now the first thing she says after "Good mer-nin Mom" is "Where Elfie? I tinks he brought me a pr-wesent!". She always waits until she spots him to check her present tree. It's too cute.

Riley helped decorate our "widdle twee". I think the hair things give it a nice touch.

TG and Riley hung lights on our door. She loved it.

Posing with my sweeties by our door. See my burlap wreath in the background?


Riley pitching a fit because she doesn't want to put a jacket on over her pw-etty dwess.
Riley: I don't want to.
Me: It's cold out Riley. You have to.
Riley: BUT I don't wanna wear dat wacket!
Riley: It dont matches my shoes!

Listening to her little daycare friend babbling to her.
Riley: I'm sorry Bud. I have no idea what yous sayin.

Looking at our tree all lit up and decorated.
Riley: Mom.
Riley: I wubs our bid (big) tr-wee.
Clasping her hands.
Riley: It's wub-wee (lovely).

Camden is trying to play with the little baby laptop Riley has.
Riley: No no no brudder. in a very sweet motherly voice
Riley: Lets my see her. What can I gibs you to keep you busy.
Tapping her finger on her mouth with one hand on her hip surveying the toy baskets.
Riley: I knows! Mickey!


  1. Yep, those hairbands MAKE the tree! how adorable were all these pics!?

  2. I love the hair ties on the tree! Too cute!


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