Friday, December 3, 2010

It's a never ending

job trying to get a decent photo of both of them.


I asked her to smile. She gave me this face. He dropped his mum-mum. FAIL.

He just wanted to eat. She just wanted to watch Mickey. EPIC FAIL.

Perhaps my favorite of this set. He's eating. She's primping. Neither one is paying any attention to their Mama. It sums us up perfectly right now.


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  2. LOL! I was just going to do a post tonight on trying to get a good photo of my kids in front of the tree and how I couldn't get a decent one. It's nice to know i am not alone in my attempts. These photos of your little ones are pretty darn cute anyway!

  3. Um I think your bestie took a pic of both of those stinkers smiling :) And believe me friend..I hear should see my outtakes..if Z rolls his eyes once for pics, he does it almost every time!


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