Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Tour Part 2

There were tons of other details around the house that I didn't have time to photograph before it was time to prepare for the return to work. But just before I packed them away I did haul out my camera so I could share the kids trees with you. 

You didn't think their rooms went undecked with boughs of holly did you?

Of course my babies had a bit of their own Christmas cheer in their rooms! Technically there was no holly, but both of their doors were adorned with a small sparkly red bow that Riley picked out from AC Moore and they both had their own mini trees.

A sports themed, Patriots tree for him.

A very special Pittsburgh Steelers tree for her.

TG has had the Patriots candy cane ornaments for a few years and I was happy to banish them to Camden's room. I found all the sports ornaments in the dollar section at Michaels. He was so smitten with those ornaments, especially the basketball. Every time we went in his room he would point at that tree and say, "Ball? Ball? Ball?" I made sure to stock up on extras for the years to come.

Aunt Tata handmade all of Riley's Steelers ornaments and let me just tell you how excited the princess was to have a tree full of "Hipsburgh Steelers". She was so sad when it was time to take it down. Just before I did she looked at the tree lovingly, sighed, and sang, "Hipsburgh Steelers Number One!".

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