Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bob The Builder

While Riley was on the ice skating rink, Camden and I went into the air and space museum to visit this awesome Bob the Builder exhibit.

Honestly, I'm surprised that the area we live in doesn't have more things like this. All manner of little boys I know (and girls too) would have loved to play in this Bob the Builder town. It was awesome.

The area they had it in was semi enclosed and set up to look like Bob's town with different centers. There was a place where they could use wheelbarrows to haul foam bricks and use them to build a wall. There were slides. There was even a little table where they could play with miniature versions of all the bulldozers, earth movers, and trucks.  While wearing a Bob hard hat of course.

All the Bob characters were there in life size so the kids could climb on and pretend to drive them.  

He ran about for over an hour, but Camden's favorite center was the block building station. It was basically just a long, kid height table filled with the really sturdy wooden blocks.  I already have grandiose plans of building a center like this in the playroom to play with blocks on.  

Right behind the block station you can see a kid playing in the workshop where they had levels, hammers, saws, measuring tapes, blocks, bricks, mitre saws and more. All pretend of course, but still awesome. They even had Bob's mobile home.

As well as Wendy's solar powered caravan. Camden just went in and out, in and out. He also flipped the solar light switch off and on, off and on.

It was definitely a special adventure for the little man and it was so fun to enjoy it with him.

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