Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Family Photos

Are not our forte.  TG and I have hardly any photos of us before we had Riley.  Neither one of us is big into taking pictures.  Even after we had Riley we had trouble remembering to take them on big holidays.  Last year my uncle (on my Dad's side) firmly reminded me to get one since we were all together.  I made it happen, but it wasn't easy.

No one on TG's side is big into family photo ops either and we were running late for church on Christmas day, but with Papa's help we quickly set up his tripod and snapped one for the memory books.

That picture behind us on the mantle used to be in TG's family's house in Kansas.  There is a really old photo of just he and I (like I said one of maybe 10) in front of it somewhere out in cyber space.  I need to dig it up.  It always makes me laugh when I see that art piece in our photos though because when my Dad saw that photo of the two of us many years ago he said, "You look nice.  Was Olive Garden good?"

Yes Dad, Olive Garden was good this year.  Riley especially enjoyed it.  :)

Riley was cute as could be in her dress, but little man's suit was so darling. He knew he was fancified and kept strutting around the house admiring himself and his new "SHOES!".   I swear he even walked a little taller that day.

We didn't get a great picture of the four of this year and I almost didn't share this one here because it's not great.  TG is squinting, Cam is fussing, Riley is staring off into space and I have a double chin.  Eeesh.

But we got a really cute one of the kids with their Gigi and Papa that totally made up for it.  Am I the only one that thinks my kids look like twins?

Do you take holiday photos?  How did they turn out?

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