Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Dear Riley!

Dear Riley,

Today you are 4.  4 years went by in the blink of an eye.  I tried to make your day as special for you as you are to me.  I think you loved it.  I hope you always have happy memories of your birthdays.

I decorated the house and made pancakes while you slept. I sang Happy Birthday to you about 6 times today. I sang when you woke up and I sang before you ate your birthday pancakes.

One of the perks of running a daycare is having enough kids for an instant party.  You loved having people to "celebrate" with you.  You carefully put a hat on everyone and kindly directed them to take a picture.

We went to Chick Fil A for lunch and your party grew by 5 people. You wore your party dress and crown. For a while we had the play area all to ourselves and you and the big kid crew ran wild.  You were momentarily upset when you realized you weren't getting a hamburger for lunch.

You had four outfit changes today. I obliged because it was your special day. You love pretty dresses and looking "jus gorjus". When we went to teatime at the American Girl store you wore the fancy dress Mimi gave you. You brought your baby, Lilypillia.

It was beautiful in the restaurant, all pink, polka dots, and flowers everywhere.  You tried the tea, but you preferred eating the honey.

They made you feel very special at teatime.  The waitress even brought you ice cream with a candle in it and we sang Happy Birthday to you...again.  When we were done with tea I let you take Lilypillia down to the store so you could choose a new outfit for her.  You pushed her around and around the store in a stroller browsing all the options.  You finally chose the birthday set for her.

Your beautiful cousin Eva was there. She is 2 months old today. You love Eva and were so excited she and Aunt Natalie could come to tea. I hope you and Eva grow up to be best friends.

All the excitement and sugar finally got to you on the way home from tea and you passed out in the car.  When we got home you had spaghetti for dinner. It's still one of your favorite meals. You cleaned your plate and then started clamoring for cake. At your request I made chocolate cake with chocolate icing. You were so excited when Daddy brought it out.

We sang Happy Birthday for the last time.  It took you a few tries to get the candles blown out, but you persisted.

You and Camden happily ate cake together at the table. Only the crumbs were left when you were done. You kept showing me your chocolate face.

4 years ago I held you and though I had plenty of hopes and dreams I had no idea what you would be like as a 4 year old.  Now I know why.  My little brain just couldn't imagine the special girl you were going to become.  Happy Birthday dear Riley.  We love you so much!

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  1. It sounds like Riley had a very special day!! We really enjoyed your blog description and pictures of the day...next best thing to being there. Thank you, Lindsay!


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