Thursday, February 2, 2012


With bellies.

Actually, Camden just likes to be nakey. It started with wanting to see his belly all the time. Then it escalated to diaper only at night before bed. Last night he threw a huge tantrum because he wanted his diaper off too. Uh sorry, no way jose, you're not potty trained.

Then there was yesterday. Where at the park in front of God and everyone, Camden was marching around with his shirt pulled up and his belly hanging out. Every time his shirt would slide back down he would stop, yank it up, try to pin it down with his chin and continue on his way.

So, when this kids catalog came in the mail he was particularly interested in the bathing suit section. A section where other kids bellies were on display.

 "Heeeeyyyyyy!"  The moment of realization.


"Look at all those bellies."

"Who knew? So, it is okay to walk around with your belly hanging out.  You people have been fooling me."

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