Monday, February 6, 2012

Our Weekend

We had a rough weekend.

The week of work is killing me dead and by Friday I'm barely alive. I really need three day weekends because in order for me to recover I need to sleep for almost an entire day. Thanks to my very loving husband I slept from 9 pm Friday (passed right out in the middle of our redbox date night) until 9:30 am on Saturday, then took a three hour nap with the kids, and was back in bed by 10:30. By Sunday armed with the "secret Starbucks list" from Pinterest, I was raring to go, but that leaves only one day to be productive and tackle my ever growing list of to dos.

Speaking of Sunday, TG is a big Patriots fan, born and raised. We thought for sure this time they would beat the Giants. TG was very nervous, couldn't even eat his dinner, but was still certain they could win. We were wrong. To say that hubs was upset would be an understatement. I just sat quietly on the couch working on our taxes and tried not to make eye contact.

The kids didn't have a clue about football. TG tried to convince Riley to wear some Patriots gear, but she couldn't be swayed. Even after he told her that they weren't even playing in the Superbowl she said, "No matter Dad. I'm a Steelers girl!" You're damn right you are and with the help of some thoughtful friends your Mama turned you out.  She knew it too because when I asked her to smile for me she hit this pose and said "I've been prack-a-cin my cute posies."


Cam was reppin' the Patriots, but he barely speaks English so you can be sure he had no idea what a big day it was for them. I can hardly wait for what it will be like when he's old enough to get amped for game day. We are a football loving household and we're inching ever so much closer to the day where we'll be able to watch the games as a family of four.


No, the kids weren't upset at all over the football. Just a bit annoyed that for the third week - going on fourth week in a row the three of us are sick. Riley said on Friday night, "Mom, when will I feel better again?" That killed me.  Somehow TG has managed to avoid the absolutely ridiculous cough that myself and the kids have. Every night and day for THREE WEEKS has been a management of symptoms with vaporub, saline, motrin, cough drops, and humidifiers. Sassy's cough tapered down for one day after some neb treatments and zithromax, but picked right back up where she left off the next day and is worse now than it was before.

TG and I got creative with ways to keep them entertained mostly indoors this weekend. We all played indoor hoops with little man's Christmas present. Riley played dolls. We fired up Elmo in Grouchland on VOD. Cam crashed matchbox cars around the house. And finally, on Sunday night, in an effort to make it the last little stretch before bedtime both of our kiddos painted.


One of them didn't get the memo about paint only on the paper.  We'll cut him some slack though because his face is pretty stinkin' cute.

Here's to a new week, hopefully germ free.


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  1. I hope they are feeling better!
    I absolutely love her Steelers outfit! What a fan!


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