Sunday, February 5, 2012

Seen and Heard


Camden making himself comfortable on top of the ottoman on top of the couch while TG vacuumed.

4 adorable "Twinkle Toes".   I got to fulfill my dream of matching "sister" outfits.


Riley getting into her jammies.
Me:  Hey Roo, you've got your pj pants on backwards.
Riley:  I do?  Oh gosh.  I so embarrass me.

Me:  Night night Cam.  I love you.
Cam:  Nigh nigh.
Me:  I love you.
Cam:  Um you Ma.

Riley:  Mom!  We did that.  Last night!
Me:  What's that?
Riley:  We went in that boat in A-why-wee.
Me:  Yes we did, but not last night.
Riley:  Yes it was!  It was last night!
(Everything that happened in the past is last night to Riley)

On my phone.
Cam:  Hell-whoa.
Cam:  Wah-der. (water)
Cam:  Das a wah-der. (that's a water)
Cam:  Bye.

Standing up.
Cam:  UP!
Bending down.
Cam:  Dowwwwwwn.

Every morning when I go to get him.
Cam:  Dada?
Me:  He's not here.
Cam:  Dada at werrrrk.
Me:  That's right.
Cam:  Eber-buddy? (everybody)

Shirt up, grabbing his tummy.


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