Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Birthday TG!

My husband is a holiday baby, born three days after Christmas.

The first time we celebrated one of his birthdays together I was 20 and he was turning 22. We were young and so very in love.  We were a long distance relationship and so giddy to be back together over Christmas break.   I was so excited to be included in his family's birthday celebration for him.  I can still remember standing in their kitchen, singing to him and watching him blow out those 22 candles and feeling proud that I was part of his life.

It's been ten years, lots of homes, and two babies down the road and we're not as young, but we're still so very in love.

He's my best friend and his birthday is as important to me as my own.   This year I took him out to dinner (thanks to the sleep babysitting services of Gigi and Papa) and then to see Mission Impossible:  Ghost Protocol.  I actually loved the movie which was a bonus.

The night of his actual birthday we stayed home and celebrated with his family.  We sang to him over a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, his all time fave.

I made the cake and Riley did the decorating.

TG conducted our rendition of "Happy Birthday to You".

Before he closed his eyes and made a wish.

Happy Birthday TG.  I love you so much.

*I had to edit this to add a little memory I don't want to forget.  Riley completely understands the concept of birthdays now and is obsessed with the making of cake and the buying of gifts.  In the days leading up to TG's birthday she kept insisting that she wanted to go to "Wharl-mart" or Target and buy him a boat.  Not a toy boat, but a real boat.  It took some time to convince her that one they don't sell boats at those places and two we couldn't afford one before she relented and bought him deodorant, socks, and a freezable Boston Red Sox cup (which has become my favorite to drink milk from).  :)

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