Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ice Princess

We are very fortunate to be able to enjoy a long Christmas break so we had lots of free time for other activities while we were at Gigi and Papa's house.

Gigi grew up in Massachusetts and loved ice skating when she was little. She has been waiting for the chance to take Riley out on the ice. We decided that this year Riley was old enough to have her first ice skating experience with her Gigi.

True to her adventurous ways, Riley was so excited to get her skates on and get moving! She wasn't afraid at all and with Gigi's help (and the railing) she slowly made it around the rink.

After a couple of laps around we gave her an orange cone to try to maneuver herself. She gave it a good try, but wasn't a big fan of that method.

So she went back to the Gigi method and quite enjoyed herself.   They went around about 7 times I think before she was tired out.

I got video, of course, but only watch this if the sound of proud Mama squealing, loud music, and a fussing toddler doesn't make you want to rip your hair out.  You've been warned.  :)

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