Sunday, November 25, 2012

Piano Man

Gigi and Papa have a beautiful piano at their home in a lovely formal sitting room. After making the rounds of the house and checking out his adorable new bedroom he now shares with Riley he stumbled upon it.

"I play ee-ano Mama?", he asked me tentatively. Camden knows he has to ask to go into that room. I told him yes and he quickly scrambled up and began to play. I reminded him to be gentle, but he was already playing it more than banging on it.

Playing nano became a daily activity while we were visiting and soon he was singing songs as he played. Sometimes Riley joined him, but mostly she cheered him on. Cam implored me, "Sit dere Mama", next to him on the bench a few times. Even Gigi joined him for a duet.

Cam doesn't sing as much as Riley did at this age, but he loved that piano and singing whatever jumble of words would come to him, which was mostly twinkle star, as he played.

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