Monday, November 26, 2012

It's Ariel's Dad!

I got the best birthday present this year.

My Mom, our beloved Gammy, came to visit for two weeks! She flew in on a Saturday and treated us to dinner and our favorite ice cream treats courtesy of Baskin Robbins.

Early Sunday morning we piled into the car and went south to reunite with Riley, who had been on a visit to Gigi and Papa's house for over a week.  Camden liked having Gammy as his traveling partner.

Riley was waiting for us outside and I barely let TG park the car before I was out and running to scoop her into my arms.  I could not stop smothering her in kisses and telling her I loved her and missed her.  She was into it at first, but then her big girl 'tude kicked in and she kept saying, "Okay, mom, okay".

We lounged by Gigi and Papa's pool on Sunday and caught up on what Riley had been doing during her week away.

On Monday we loaded the car up and made the short drive to the beach.  Riley was thrilled to see "Ariel's Dad".  This was the most willing she has been to pose for a picture in ages.

It was a perfect beach day with warm temps and cool water.  We jumped in the waves and played in the sand for a few hours.  Camden made me sing "Mr. Sun" multiple times.  The woman behind us said it brought back memories of her kids (now teens) when they were little.  That made me smile and be thankful for a cute two year old begging me to sing for him because someday he'll be chasing girls when we're at the beach and will be embarrassed that his mom is in a swim suit.

We were all thoroughly exhausted and starving by the time we got back to our car.  It was the perfect kick off to my birthday and the Fourth of July!

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