Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fantastic Fourth!

After a day at the beach, and a fun filled birthday at Busch Gardens, we were ready for a low key day at Gigi and Papa's.

We played in the pool, took a nap, and then played in the pool some more. The kids are swimming fools and they especially love when TG does tricks with them. Riley tried heel stretches.

Cam did some lifts.

TG finally convinced Cam to give his arms a rest so they relaxed on the steps for a nanosecond.  

Then Cam donned his sissy's goggles and practiced swimming.

He's pretty good with floaties on.

Gigi was standing close just in case, but he didn't want any help.

Later that day I dressed them in their matching Old Navy flag tees, which is a tradition in my family, but try as I might I couldn't get one good photo of them together.  These two pictures are as close as I got.

Waving flags make for a blurry cell pic.

Just being silly.


After a yummy BBQ dinner we got the kids in their jammies, but let them stay up for the fireworks.  We walked down to the dock in Gigi and Papa's neighborhood and watched them from out on the water.  We could see several shows from surrounding areas.

Glow sticks and bracelets are a Fourth of July must!

We had a great day and it was the perfect end to what felt like 3 days of celebrating!  Happy birthday America!

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