Monday, November 26, 2012

Camden's Thanksgiving Break

Camden had a wonderful time at Gigi and Papa's.  He was so happy, full of the funniest things to say and do, and generally just entertained himself and us.  At any given time during our visit he could be found...

Building a lego school with Gigi.

Playing out scenarios of search and rescue with the Spiderman horde, the "wizard",  dump trucks, bus bus, and little people.

Browsing the Toys R Us circular with Dad.

Playing "Timberrrr!"

 Repeatedly.  And squealing "I uh-side down!" every time you fell back and flipped over.

Watching "ascar" in the big bed before nap.

Playing "peek-boo"!

Resting in your new "auto-cokey" jammies.

And pretty much being the cutest 2.5 year old boy ever.

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