Monday, November 26, 2012


*This post is a way behind, but I read it and I had to post it for my memory.*

Our little guy is 2 years and 2 months old.

I had forgotten how much I love the age of 2. I don't know where they got the label "terrible twos" from because I love this time in their little lives.  Generally speaking in terms of my kids, two is the age where they are very compliant and just happy from sun up to sun down.

He still likes Elmo, but LOVES Spiderman and all the super heroes.  Spiderman on his spider cycle was his favorite toy to zoom about the house, but on a recent mall trip we bought him an Iron Man toy that has become his new fave.  He calls it "bobot" and zooms him around the house saying, "Mama!  Wook!  He's flyin'!"

He's still very picky about food.  He eats pancakes almost every morning for breakfast, sometimes he has honey nut cheerios or a special K cereal bar.  The rest of his approved menu includes tofu nuggets, veggie corn dog, mac and cheese, pb&j, and pizza.  I'm not sure if it's a taste thing or a texture thing, but we made him eat a grape before he could have ice cream one night and he was actually gagging as he choked it down.

He says the funniest things right now, but some of my current favorites are "Mornee Mama!",  "I ter-stee Mama!", "Um on, Mama!" (which is come on complete with him doing this cute circular motion), "RIDEEEE!" (when he's calling his sister), "I want mo!" and "What wanna watch?" (when he wants to watch a show), and "Mama be right back!" (which is what he starts to say repeatedly as soon as he realizes that we're going to the gym).

Cam sleeps all night, in his new big boy race car bed as of June, and still takes a big nap in the afternoon too.  He transitioned to the bed without a problem and looks like such a big boy sleeping in it.  I'm still working on putting together his room, but I had a couple big house projects that needed to be finished first.

He is still very snuggly, which is something I miss about Riley.  She doesn't want to let me hold her as much anymore now that she's 4.  Camden loves for me to hold him, smooch on him, and snuggle with him on the couch or in our bed in the morning.  He happily goes to the gym daycare, but when I pick him up he crazy runs for me, yelling, "Mama!".  Obviously I'm biased, but every employee in there melts when he does it too.  It's just that cute.

I am just loving this age.  Camden could not be sweeter, funnier (without intentionally trying to be), or more darling.  I can't wait to see him grow, but I'll miss his adorable, 2 year old, chubby cheeked grin.

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