Friday, November 2, 2012

My Little Chipmunks

At the beginning of September I gave Riley a Halloween costume catalogue and implored her to pick a costume, any costume, as long as I didn't have to run around town buying supplies and assembling something this year. She looked through that catalog full of beautiful outfits, princesses, fairies, characters galore and proclaimed that she wanted to be Brittany Chipette. Sadly, Brittany Chipette was not one of the hundreds of costumes available to purchase in that catalog.

No matter how hard I tried, I could not persuade her to pick something I could buy in one piece. So I did my best to assemble pieces of a costume to resemble Brittany. Once I finished getting Riley ready I said, "You look just like Brittany!", to which she quickly replied, "No Mom, I AMMMM Brittany."   Touche.

Later that night, Alvin joined her for some trick or treating fun!

We went trick or treating with two of the cutest unicorns you've ever seen. The kids were amped to say the least. They ran circles in the driveway until the adults were ready to go.

This was the first house we went to, but the scene at every house was the same. 4 little voices saying "Trick or treat!" followed by "Thank you!" before running to the next door.

45 minutes later we had run a circle big enough to nearly fill their little buckets.

This year both of our kids were old enough to understand and enjoy the holiday and it was our best Halloween yet!


  1. I don't know who Brittany Chippete is, but that costume is SO cute : ). Aren't kids the best?


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