Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gotta Get Away

For the past two summers Gigi and Papa have invited Riley to spend a special week with them attending VBS at their church. The first year she was only 3 and I was so worried about how she would do, but she hopped in the car and barely threw me a good bye. I talked to her every day and she was having too much fun to say much more than, "Hi mom, k, bye mom!"

This year she knew exactly what was waiting for her (good times and lots of one on one attention) so she tried to just wave and not even give me a hug before she left. I missed her before they pulled out of the drive, but I knew she was going to have a blast.

There was a water theme this year and her group was the Blue Minnows.

She helped make breakfast daily.

Cruised the neighborhood on her bike.

Played soccer in the greens across the street (while holding her princess Barbie).

And dressed up for school every single day.

The day we came to get her she helped Gigi clean the house for our arrival. She is the cutest laundry helper ever!

I am so thankful that she is able to spend time like this with her Gigi, Papa and Lolo and she has the biggest time when she is there with them.  Thank you for loving our little girl so much and giving her special memories like these!

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