Thursday, November 29, 2012

Blue Ridge Mountain High

At the end of October we snuck away to the mountains for a mini getaway with our friends.

That Friday, after work, we quickly hopped in the car and headed northwest to the Wintergreen resort. It was a little bit of a rough start considering we were all tired from a long work week and little man had to repeatedly stop for potty breaks on the side of the road.

Cracker barrel for dinner was just what we needed to lift our spirits. While we waited for our table Riley and I rocked in the chairs.

Camden enjoyed a solo game of checkers.

After dinner we had a tense climb, in the pitch black, up steep winding roads, to our cabin that was just before the entrance to the resort.  We were all relieved when we finally arrived and though it was way past Riley and Camden's bedtime we let them roam and explore the house while we unpacked.

The next morning the kids busied themselves with my little ponies, tinkerbell dolls, super heroes and coloring in front of the fireplace while we prepared a delicious breakfast.

I spotted a visitor on the deck while twinnie and I were cooking breakfast.  Our in house science guy brought it inside so the kids could see him.

Riley could not be convinced to hold it, but Camden finally worked up the courage to try.   We're missing the picture where Camden asked me to hold it too and just as I tried to pick it up the bug let out a loud noise.  Of course I shrieked and then Camden did too and that was the end of bug time.  I contend that bug knew I was a sissy posing as a bug lover.

Later that day we bundled up and ventured out to the resort in search of hiking trails. We made a quick stop at the nature center so I could find a reasonable trail for little legs.

The hikers were very excited to see the waterfall at the end of the trail.

Halfway down the trail we paused for a breather and a photo shoot.

Riley, of course, hit this pose for me.  She calls it "the hiker girl".

We finally made it down to the falls and by this point little man was being carried by TG and I. 

Camden let TG put him down long enough to play in this fallen tree trunk while his sister blazed the path back up the hill.

After our hike we had all worked up an appetite so we went back to the resort for lunch. The restaurant had a pretty good view of the ski slopes.

Our bellies full of food, we went back to the cabin where the kiddos and I took a much needed nap.  When we woke up the men started a fire in the pit outside and we all got to work making smores.

That night Mimi made a delicious stew for dinner. While we were enjoying our day we were also keeping a close eye on the weather and the path of Superstorm Sandy. Our original plan was to spend Sunday at the cabin watching the Skins v. Steelers game, but the storm was quickly making it's way north. Gusting winds woke us up early the next morning and we quickly packed up and were on our way back home by 8:30 am.

Camden was not happy that our trip was cut short.

Matt and I weren't thrilled either, but we figured better safe than stuck on top of a mountain in a storm.  We spent Sunday stocking up on emergency supplies and battening down the hatches.  Luckily, though it rained hard and there were some strong gusts of wind, we were safe and sound.  We were very thankful to be snug in our home and we know many others were not as fortunate and we have been praying for those affected by Sandy.

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