Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Turned 31, pt. 2

After a delicious birthday dinner, courtesy of the very talented Gigi, we kissed little man good-bye and made the trek back to Williamsburg for some night time fun.

Riley was super excited to be able to go back with us "in the dark".

This time we went in the opposite direction of our day time route and immediately split up so I could ride a roller coaster with TG.  Gammy and Riley hopped on a gondola and found the kids dinosaur play area.

While they were exploring TG and I rode the craziest roller coaster. It's called the Griffon and it looks like this. So you get to the tippy top of that first drop and the car starts over until you're 90 degrees in the air looking straight down and then it stops and leaves you hanging there forever (8 seconds really, but it seemed like forever). Then without warning the brake releases and you go screaming, literally screaming 205 ft down and through the rest of the course. I was all wobbly in the knees after we were done.

We met back up with Gammy and Riley by the merry go round before we split up again so Gammy and I could try the Alpengeist while TG and Riley went on the log ride.

Then TG insisted I ride the Griffon again, but this time with my mom so I screamed my voice hoarse a second time before opting to watch the fireworks show from the ground with Riley, while TG and Gammy rode the Griffon together. Gammy is hardcore like that, riding crazy roller coasters back to back.

I couldn't get a better picture of the fireworks show than this, but it was pretty spectacular.

After the fireworks we went in the direction of the new ride, the Verbolten, but the line was way too long so we opted for the Apollo's chariot coaster, teacups, Da Vinci flying ride and the Pompeii log ride one more time.

By 10 pm we were soaked, tired and sweaty.  We started the walk back to the car.  A lucky little girl hitched a ride.

Gammy and I hopped in here for a photo at the exit of the park just for giggles.  Turns out, it was one of my favorite pictures of the day.

Only second to this one. I am one seriously lucky woman to call these two my babies.  Happy 31st birthday to me!

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