Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter Wonderland

A week ago it was Christmas Tree week at our daycare. We wrapped up the fun with a special trip to Cox Farms on Friday.

During the Fall, Cox Farms is the pumpkin patch place to be. During the winter months they shut down that half of the farm and operate a Christmas tree market. Not just your parking lot tree place either. A whimsical and charming market full of twisty aisles of evergreens, a patio with a fireplace, and a playground for children.

 And photo ops. My word the photo ops.

We let the kids play for almost an hour at the wooden winter wonderland the farm had. They enjoyed sailing in a pirate ship, riding in Santa's sleigh, marching back and forth across the bridge, and more, so much more.


Judging from the picture I'd guess that Twinnie told them to say "Ho, Ho, Ho".

On our way out we noticed the smell of a wood burning fire so we weaved through the trees, two full double strollers and all until we found it. A warm fire pit complete with skewers and marshmallows for roasting! It was the perfect parting treat before we headed home.

If you live in our area and are looking for some fresh greens, a tree, or just a fun and free Christmas adventure with your kids you have to check this place out!

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