Friday, December 16, 2011

The Return of Elfie

The day after Thanksgiving our little Elf on the Shelf, Elfie returned to us!

We welcomed Elfie into our family last year and we were so excited to see him again. Camden has no idea who Elfie is yet, I think he's still too young this year, but Riley is genuinely happy to discover him each day. While she is generally a very sweet and obedient child it is nice to have a daily reminder for her to be on her very best behavior! We don't do Elfie antics around here, but each morning he is in a new spot and if Riley has been good the day before he leaves a little gift in her advent calendar tree. Except for on the first day because that gift didn't quite fit into the calendar...

A week before Thanksgiving we randomly took the kiddos to Toys R Us to burn an hour and discovered this awesome train table on sale. We couldn't pass up the deep discount so we stowed it in the garage. I have to say that I love how oblivious our kids are at this point. TG bought the table, put it in the van and moved it to the garage without either of them blinking an eye. We were going to save it until Christmas, but we couldn't wait so we decided that Elfie would bring them the table as a gift for their amazing behavior all year while he was busy at the North Pole.

 (The only time I regretted this decision was the 2 hours I spent post Thanksgiving dinner, pre Black Friday shopping assembling it.)

I missed the grand reveal because I was sleeping off my shopping hangover, but I could hear the squeals over all our white noise upstairs. When I finally mustered the strength to show my face I was greeted by Riley shrieking at a new octave, "WOOK MOM ELFIE BROUGHT US A TRAIN TABLE!!!" and Camden hollering, "CHOO! CHOO! CHOO! CHOO!"

Their giddy joy plus the many hours they've been happily occupied at that table have been totally worth it.

Thanks Elfie!

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