Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mini - Mini Crafter

As if we aren't busy enough with our regular daycare, this year my friend and I decided to host a regular mom's morning out as well. While we are extremely busy it gives our littler ones the chance to learn a routine, participate in circle time, and enjoy crafts and other activities.

 They absolutely love it. Last week our theme was Christmas trees and one of the activities was making their own tree using a sugar cone, green frosting, and mini colored marshmallows. You would think they would just have eaten all their supplies (and they did eventually), but they were all surprisingly very involved in the decorating process.

Even little Camden who is one of the youngest ones.

After an initial spoonful of frosting he carefully tried to frost his entire tree.  He went at it using his spoon moving around the cone for over 10 minutes.


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