Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Tour

I. LOVE. CHRISTMAS. So what you're about to see is a whole lot of Christmas cheer packed into an "itty bitty living space"...Part 1.  I blame Pinterest.  :)

Come on in. Our tree is lit and lovingly decorated with all the ornaments we've collected since TG and I met.

Even our "home" sign has gotten a sprucing because in my heart I'm always home for Christmas.

We may be tight on space, but I've managed to put 7 trees up. Including this one that's full of my childhood Winnie the Poohs.

I like hanging wreaths indoors, especially if they wish you a happy holiday even though they are on a wall that's still not finished.

Our OTC PB inspired advent calendar is up and our table is decked with things new and old and our little table is full of Christmas decor including my jingle bells, two Christmas trees, three Home Goods glass containers, my little IKEA lantern and a DIY Christmas bedazzled monogram.

Every seat has a different view, but lucky Camden gets to see my favorite red reindeer at all his meals.  This year (thanks to Pinterest) I was dying to use cranberries in my decor so I filled a large glass jar with water, faux garland, a floating candle and of course the crans.

Our family rules remain, a perfect reminder for this time of year, but it's been joined by some merry new friends.

Our bannisters have been greened and are just waiting for your Christmas card.

My favorite buffet is so jolly!  I kept my beautiful Jim Shore angels, coffee filter tree, and DIY noel banner from last year.  But I edited a little and added my Lucketts votive holder, fresh boxwood from Cox Farms, some height in the form of an ornament vase, mini framed Santa pictures from every year, and of course our dear Elfie.

As you leave don't miss your chance to get a chuckle at this year's Santa picture. It features a very pretty little lady with a very mad little man who is the spitting image of his sister a mere two years ago.  And have yourself a Merry Christmas.

What's your house look like this time of year?  Has the invention of Pinterest inspired your decor like it did mine?


  1. Fun stuff! Merry Christmas!!! Question - DIY house rules or purchased? Few questions with both. Love it!!!


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