Monday, December 26, 2011

Halau Christmas

While Gammy and Gampy were here we went to my aunt's halau Christmas party. TG and I were a bit nervous about how the littles would behave, but other than the one incident when Camden tried to sneak out of the party room and out the front door the kids did great and we had so much fun!

There was tons of yummy food (oh the kahlua pig, rice and family potato salad), live music and other little friends to play with!

Camden entertained himself by jumping up, down and all around.

A group of older girls shared their crayons with Riley and she happily colored while we finished eating.

Camden loved the live music.

And then...SANTA CAME!!!! Riley was beside herself with delight. She was jumping up and down, waving her arms and saying, "Santa! Hey, it's me Riley Kalei! Hi Santa! HI!".

Obviously, she jumped right up there when it was her turn. She laughed loudly at all his jokes and was so thankful for the gift he brought her. She kept saying in awe, "I can't believe he brought this just for me. It's the perfect gift. I love it so much." It was a sweet moment.

No fear here! Camden hated the mall Santa, but after he had time to watch all the other kids get their gifts he decided he wasn't so bad and climbed up there.

It was a late night for our babies, but we were so glad we went.  My parents said it was the favorite part of their whole trip to see everyone, eat yummy food, and see my kids so excited over Santa Claus.  It was a wonderful start to the holiday party season!

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