Friday, December 2, 2011

It's a Great Pumpkinville, Charlie Brown

On a random weekday, after all my little Junebugs were gone, I decided to surprise my children with a special trip. I put them in the car and although Riley asked repeatedly I wouldn't say exactly where we were going. This was no small feat because she is genetically persistent, but her delighted shriek when she saw where we were going was worth it.

We had already been there with the daycare group and they had a great time, but sometimes its nice to let them have my undivided attention. I was able to convince them to pose for a quick big sister and little brother picture before we ran in.

They had the animal stalls all to themselves and ran up and down the length feeding all the different furry friends.

Camden kept a safe distance from this turkey who kept eyeing his ice cream cone.

I'm not sure when my little baby became such a big girl, but it seems to have happened overnight.

They loved having the freedom of choice time around and we spent forever going up and down the slides.

She tried out the ball swing and squealed happily the whole time.

And made for a super cute pumpkin person.

While he played happily in the sand with a big "duh tuck".

Pumpkinville 2011 conquered.

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