Friday, December 16, 2011

Goodnight Moon

About a month ago Camden became very interested in books. Prior to this point he would wiggle away if we tried to read to him, but now we often find him sitting in his room (or Riley's room as it may be) with books all around him on the floor. He likes the Usborne That's Not My books and loves his Elmos, but really favors Goodnight Moon. We read it at our daycare preschool program once and when he saw that red balloon, well, he was hooked.  In fact, when he wants us to read it he will take it off the shelf and say "Boon Buh?"  which means "Balloon Book" in Camden speak.


Sometimes we have to skip over the first part and go straight to where the good nights begin. As we read he will wave and say "nigh nigh" and of course he always enthusiastically says, "BOON!" when we get to the red balloon.


 I hope he grows to love all books as much as he loves Goodnight Moon. 

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