Thursday, May 1, 2014

She's 6!

Dear Riley,

You are 6.

What can I say?

It's been a roller coaster ride that I never want to get off of. Every year you reveal a new facet to your personality. You are funny, loving, witty, creative, passionate, stubborn, persistent - a list full of traits that are a little bit me and little bit Daddy all bundled up into a girl we love so much.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Six years with my first baby that turned my entire world upside down and completely captured my heart in the same instant. I will never, ever forget what it was like to see your face for the first time and just know at my core that I would do anything for you.

On January 23rd, after you were asleep, I snuck into your room for the last five year old kiss good night.

Daddy helped me decorate the house for you that night with lots of balloons, streamers, and a banner. We laid your presents at your seat at the table. We were so excited to be home as a family for your special day. Just you, me, Daddy and Camden.

I made you birthday pancakes with a candle, whip cream and sprinkles. We sang to you before you ate. It's a small thing really, but it makes you so very happy.

Then it was time for presents! You were all about Monster High this year. We got you the Scaris Cafe, Howleen Wolf and new rain boots.

We had surprise plans for you that day. You got all dressed up in your new six tee and the pink bow you picked out at the mall the night before.

You were so wanting Isabelle the new ballerina doll, but you had just gotten my vintage Kirsten doll as Caroline the year before. That morning I fixed her hair into a bun, pink chalked her hair, and snuck her into my purse before we left.  You had no idea where we were headed, but as soon as you saw the striped awning on the cafe you exclaimed, "ARE WE GOING TO AMERICAN DOLL!?!"

You were just as happy to be able to carry Kirsten with her new hairstyle around and choose an Isabelle outfit and snowy day outfit for her to wear as part of your birthday presents.

There was much excitement when you realized that the Isabelle display was up for you to take a picture with. I love your ballerina form.

American Girl was only the first stop of our day.  We visited the Disney store for some Frozen gear and a few other places (like Justice) that you wanted to go to.  You've always loved shopping, but you have really come into your own with the stores you want to visit and browse in.

You shopped til you dropped, literally. By the time we got home you were ready for a nap with me in my bed. You fell asleep clutching your doll who was still wearing her birthday sticker from the store.

After playing with your new things for most of that afternoon we had dinner and your favorite homemade chocolate cake. I love that you counted the candles to be sure there were six. Six is a serious age.

You love the birthday song.  You bask in our full attention of singing just to you.

I made sure to use plenty of frosting, just like you like it. That apple doesn't fall far from either tree.

I kept you up late that night because we had one more surprise for you. You went with me to the airport freshly washed, in your pjs, robe, and cat hat to pick up Gammy for the weekend. You love your family and were just so excited to see her and be able to stay up late for something so special.

You wasted no time in opening the presents from Gammy either! I have a series of photos where you are unwrapping this one and you go from eager anticipation to absolute joy as you realize it was your long awaited, much desired, Monster High storage locker.

And a Catty Noir doll to go with it! Gammy knows the way to your heart.

It was a long, but very happy birthday to you our sweet girl.  So many fun and exciting things happened in your life in the last year and I can't wait to see what the year of 6 brings to us.  We love you so, we always will.

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  1. She is adorable! I'm glad she had a great birthday and a great party!


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