Friday, May 2, 2014

Her Monster High Birthday Party

Riley asked for a Chuck E. Cheese party this year which worked out perfectly because in past years she only had 5-6 friends she wanted to invite. Now that she's in kindergarten her list was near 30 kids! We obviously limited that to 15, but that's still way too many for a party in our home.

Chuck E. Cheese has birthday parties down to a science. I think there were five parties happening at the same time as hers. Her table was identified with her balloon guitar.

My dear friend made her this amazing Monster High cake that matched her invitations perfectly. Riley was delighted by it and every person who walked by ooh'ed and ahh'ed over it.

We passed out cups of tokens as quickly as we could and the kids wasted no time at all heading off to play. I was running around the whole time refilling cups and checking on party guests. I could not get a single picture of Riley out on the game floor, but I happened upon Camden at one point. He was hanging with TG and Papa.  Three generations of family men just playing some games.

After an hour of play we rounded everyone up at the table for the celebration.  This is most of her party crew waiting patiently for the Chuck E. show and pizza.  A bunch of girls and lone man Cam.

Our sweet birthday girl was so happy for her special day. I can't get over how much older she looks compared to last year's birthday party.

High - five Chuck E! After lunch they pull all the birthday kids up for a special dance and some air guitar.

Some of the other celebrants were a little timid, but Riley rocked out. She loves the spotlight!

They moved quickly to "Happy Birthday" and cake next.  Chuck E. keeps the ball rolling at their parties.  She wouldn't tell me her wish, but knowing her it was something fantastical - like sparkly pink fairy wings that actually fly so she can visit Neverland.  Just a guess.

After cake she received her special gift of the Magic 1,000 Ticket. Bless her heart, she was just a little bit excited about it.

All birthday kids get a turn in the ticket blaster. If you've never watched this, it is completely entertaining. I laughed so hard watching the mad grab for tickets. Goggles and game face on.  She was so confident that she was going to get "all of them".

But when she got inside and they shut the door she got a bit nervous. This picture cracks me up. She wears her emotions on her face just like her Mama.

Once the tickets started flying she was fine and all you could hear were shrieks of hysterical laughter as she tried to grab as many as she could.

Riley opened all her presents when we got home.  She was seriously spoiled this year and several of her friends gave her gift cards to her favorite stores (Toys R Us!  Go Bananas! Justice!).  My mom and I decided to take her out on a girls only shopping trip to spend some of her gift money.

Gammy is such a trooper!  I'm sure she was exhausted after arriving late the night before, but she happily accompanied Riley and I all over town on her second birthday shopping spree of the weekend.  We love you Gammy!

Somehow she convinced us to visit all three stores that were "conveniently" located on opposite sides of town.  I was surprised to learn that she is not an impulse buyer, especially when it's her own money.  She made careful decisions and bought things that only used up part of her money so she could save some for another trip or two later.  She's like her Tata in that way.

It was a wonderful day and she could not stop telling us how thankful she was for her party.  I looked back at her last four parties and I was just tickled to see how different her tastes and favorites are from year to year.  She's had everything from Toy Story to Monster High and in between.

We can't wait to see what you come up with next year Riley girl!

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