Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bowl Me Over

It was bitter cold over our Christmas break at Gigi and Papa's so there were a few days where we opted for indoor activities like visits to the local malls and this year we tried bowling for the first time!

She was darling as could be and ready to give bowling a try!

TG helped both of them for a bit just to get the hang of what they needed to do. This was her first roll down the lane.

When her ball hit the pins she would dance and twirl to celebrate. It was pretty cute.

This was little man's first go. He almost went down the lane with his ball completely avoiding the "slip hazard. do not cross the foul line" warning.  Foul.

Eventually he got the hang of it although he would send his ball down ever so slowly.  He watched patiently every time until his ball made it down to the pins.

His celebration move was jumping up and down while we clapped wildly for him.

Proof that I am a horrible bowler. I got beat by both my children in a bumper lane. I always get excited about the idea of bowling, but I only ever have one semi decent game before my arm gets tired and it all goes downhill. The kids were so proud of the fact that they whooped their Mom at bowling. We're not competitive at all in this family.

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