Thursday, May 1, 2014

Other Sweet Winter Break Moments

Camden got a new blue scooter for Christmas so we spent lots of time cruising Gigi and Papa's neighborhood together.

There is a lovely gazebo area and pier just down the street from Gigi and Papa's house. We would scoot around the block a few times and then stop here to watch the sunset over the water.

I've made a personal goal to take more pictures with my kids. I've been doing much better, even if it means we take a lot of selfies.

The sunset light was so pretty.

On this particular night the light from the sunset made this tree by the water look incredible so I took a quick picture. I love how the oranges and pinks from the sunset fade into the blues and purples across the water.

One day on a trip to Walmart I was modeling delightful Christmas sweaters and sweatshirts for Riley to make her laugh.

Then she outdid me by stepping up her pajama game.

I just love my little mini me. She's almost always ready and willing to take a photo with me.

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