Wednesday, May 7, 2014

An Early May Weekend

A week ago as we were coming back home from a routine day Riley said, "When I get older I won't remember these things will I?"

She has an excellent memory - she can remember things or say random bits that happened years ago and floor TG and I as our old brains pull whatever memory she just imparted out of the haze. "That's right, that did happen", we say each time, shaking our heads in amazement that she could remember. But the truth is, I only remember bits and pieces of my childhood and I know that as she grows and her brain needs room for all the things she will learn that some of those memories will get pushed out.

So, when she said that, out of the blue, I was stricken with the need to return to this blog, which has always been meant for Riley and Camden to have someday. They might not ever read it, but these stories and sweet memories - mundane and milestone - will be here just in case.

This weekend was one of those weekends that I love. There wasn't anything overly special about it, just the usual amount of time and the regular errands to run. But it was one of those rare weekends with the perfect balance of friends and family time with a bit of productivity. Just what a type A needs.

After work on Friday afternoon I unleashed the kids with their assortment of bikes and scooters on the neighborhood while I tackled tidying up the garage, yet again. We are so fortunate to live on the end of our square so the kids can safely ride the loop while I watch and work. Eventually bikes and scooters are abandoned in search of outdoor adventures like observing ant colonies, coloring with chalk, blowing bubbles and playing make believe.

Later that evening we dropped a family friend off at the airport. Our drive home put us on the other side of town so we decided to give Elevation Burger a try for dinner. It's our new favorite burger joint, even beating out Five Guys which has been our go to for a long time.

We noticed a new custard shop was open across the street so we went in to give it a try and discovered they were giving out free custard because they were training the employees for the grand opening. Bonus! The custard was delicious. I have a feeling we'll be there quite a bit over the summer, eating hamburgers and custard while our kids splash in the fountains.

V family approved.

Camden was an especially enthusiastic fan.

Saturday morning we all slept in, except Riley, who wakes with the sun these days.  She's old enough now to come downstairs by herself, eat her cereal and watch some Saturday morning cartoons before the rest of us finally wake up.

We went to the gym and then while the kids played outside TG and I did some much needed yard work and even more garage organizing.  That evening after a quick nap for Cam, we went to the mall to play, shop, and eat dinner.  Cam had Chick Fil A, Riley and TG had the teriyaki chicken and noodles from Sarku and I tried the new Thai place which I ended up not loving that much.

On Sunday we were up early for our 9:00 church service while TG headed off to a make up soccer game.  Riley and Camden went to Sunday school while I was in the worship service.  Afterwards we came home for a bit before heading out to a friend's Frozen birthday party at a park.  The kids happily agreed to take a picture with me since we were all dressed nicely.

I love these goobers.

While the kids enjoyed their birthday party a friend and I escaped to a restaurant for lunch together.  It was a lovely way to spend 2 hours, enjoying grown up conversation and eating at a regular pace.

The birthday party was Frozen themed and they even had a girl come as Elsa.  My kids refused to take the group picture with her, which sounds about right for Camden who doesn't trust anyone he doesn't know.  Who knows what Riley's reasoning was.  The other night though, when I asked Camden about it, he told me she had frozen powers and he didn't want to be made ice.  Fair enough if you ask me, best to learn young that girls can be a tad unstable.

We spent most of the warm and sunny Sunday afternoon outdoors.  We made a trip to Home Depot for new flowers and while we were there a truck full of fresh plants arrived so we sat in the sun for a good 30 minutes watching and waiting while they unloaded the goods.

Our front yard gets full intense sun almost all day and the back yard gets just about no sunshine because of the behemoth of a deck our neighbors built.  Finding sun loving plants was easy given the selection.  The shade loving plant section at the Depot was a bit sad, but we're giving it a go and hopefully some of these babies will survive.

The kids (and let's be real adults too) didn't want to stop playing to come in for dinner so we enjoyed our first meal of spring/summer 2014 out on our deck.  While the food cooked on the grill, TG drug out the target for some bow and arrow practice with Riley and Cam.  With TG's help Camden kept hitting the bulls eye.  Riley needed less help, but more encouragement as she became easily frustrated that she couldn't hit it as well as Camden.  Lord knows what our neighbors think of the whole thing.

We finished our night eating hamburgers and grilled veggies, well we as in everyone but Camden who ate PB&J.  Riley is our adventurous eater, thankfully we got one out of the two of them, and she was so proud that she ate a few mushrooms at dinner.

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