Thursday, May 1, 2014

January In Pictures

After a lovely winter break, we were back at work for exactly one day before the snow moved in and we had the first (of many!) snow days in January. Camden caught some of the first flakes with a little help from TG.

I took the kids to see Frozen for the second time that day. It was just as good, maybe even better because this time we knew the songs and could sing along!

After the movie we walked across the street and met TG for our lunch at his favorite sub shop, Firehouse Subs.

We thought for sure we would be back at work by Monday, but by then the polar vortex had moved in.     Both Monday and Tuesday became weather days with no school because the temps were too low.  Fine by me!

We barely left the house and kept busy by baking cookies, playing several rounds of memory, making bracelets with the rainbow loom and snuggling on the couch watching movies. Pretty much my ideal scenario.

She's a serious memory player.  Cam and I are in it for the fun, she's in it to win it.

By Wednesday school was back on. I took the whole daycare crew to Chick Fil A for lunch and play time to beat the back to school blues.

That Thursday I decided to start taking them to the pool once a week to get them ready for swimming in the summer.  I've done this every year and it helps them get comfortable and familiar with the water again. We're 17 weeks in and they are loving it!

True to form for the crazy winter weather we had, one week after the polar vortex it was so warm and sunny outside we didn't even need coats. We're talking about a 55 degree swing in seven days. The kids played in the neighborhood for a while that afternoon.

We kept busy that week with Frozen activities like oobleck snow and rice krispie treat snowmen.

Two weeks to the day of the first go round they were calling for polar vortex round two with snow this time. So we went outside to get the last bit of sunshine before what became four more snow days. It really was the best winter ever.

That week there was lots more snuggling, naps in mommy and daddy's bed, a yukon gold marathon, some closet organizing, and preparation for the big sixth birthday to come!  By Friday the county made it an optional work day for staff.  That is, if you wanted to go in to work you could, but if you wanted to work from home you could do that too.  No brainer choice especially since Friday was her birthday.

My mom, Gigi and Papa all came in town for Riley's birthday celebration and we had so much fun visiting and celebrating our big girl. The weekend was over before we knew it and we rounded out snow week 2014 with church, lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, and a little football on TV.

The last week of January was snow day free and full of our usual activities of school, work, the gym, swimming, and fun at home.  That Friday after what felt like a marathon week of work after all the days off we had been having we went out for dinner with friends.  It was a lovely way to end the month.

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