Monday, January 24, 2011

The Big 3

Dear Riley,

Today you are 3.

I can't believe someone so little can be so full of life. It's hard for me to explain what exactly I mean when I say this. The best I can do is say that you are just so happy.

You are a little bit sassy too, but we're working on where and how we draw the line with that. You speak and act with emotion and you're not afraid to tell us and show us when you're sad or mad.

You have so many things on your mind. You are constantly singing and talking and making up imaginary scenarios. The other day you sat at the table for over an hour with a paintbrush, a cup of water and some watercolors pretending to make soup and singing something about honeydew. You've started asking me if I want to hear a story and you tell me the cutest story about "one day" a "wittle fish" and a "meeean sark" where the mama fish always ends up saving the little fish from being "eat, Eat, EATEN!" by the shark and they all "wiv happiwee eber afer".

You are the best big sister ever and I try to tell you that as much as I can. You love Camden so fiercely. You are always sharing with him and taking care of him like his second Mama. When he wakes up, be it from bedtime or naps you are the first one racing up to his room because "my brudder awake!". You love to drag the stool in there so you can stand and talk to him in his crib or be right by him when I'm changing him.

Even though you love dressing up in "beyewteeful pwincess dwesses", sparkly shoes, and big bows - you love being adventurous and you are so daring. You love being outside, running, falling, sledding, sliding, riding, jumping, and swinging. You live your life at full speed. I love it and fear it all at the same time.

You love to twirl and you ask me to dance with you like a princess all the time. This means I hum a princess tune and we dance, spin, and dip around and around. Sometimes you will accept Mickey as my stand in dance partner.

Yes, you still have a paci at nap and night. I just can't find the heart to take it from you. It's like asking any other mother to separate their 3 year old from their special blanket or lovie - point me in the direction of one of those mothers and then we'll talk. But for now, it's not happening. The funny thing is that you don't just suck on them, you suck one, and hold one or two others in your fingers and rub them. We always read you stories before bed. Sometimes it's books from the library, but more recently it's one of the growing collection of princess books.

You are beautiful.

Three years ago today, you and I were in the hospital together just getting to know each other. I held you all night long. The nurses couldn't persuade me to let you sleep in the little hospital bassinet by my bed, much less send you to the nursery. I loved you at first sight and just knew I could never be separated from you, at least not for long.

You constantly amaze us and you make us laugh all the time. It's been such a wonderful and happy 3 years. We love you so much baby girl. Happy, happy birthday to you!


  1. I love that you type how she talks! It puts a smile on my face!

    Happy Birthday Riley!

  2. Happy 3rd Birthday, Riley! She is so cute!

  3. What a sweet letter! She is beautiful! Happy Birthday, Riley Boo!

  4. awww...beautiful post. Happy Birthday Riley!


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