Saturday, January 1, 2011

Camden's Christmas Eve 2010

We had big plans for some shopping and hanging out on Christmas Eve. But Camden woke up that morning with another fever. This annoyed me to no end, because at this point he was on his second antibiotic, 6th doctor's visit in less than a month, and 3rd+ week of coughing, congestion, ear infections and low grade fevers. Little did I know that two days later we'd be back for his 7th doctor's visit and yet another antibiotic.

I should clarify (for my own memory more than anything) that we spent pretty much an entire month from Thanksgiving Day to Christmas and beyond fighting RSV in my household. Both kids are definitely on the mend at this point, but neither of them are 100% yet. Turns out that when my doctor told me on that fateful day that Cam tested positive for RSV that it could hang around for 3-4 weeks he wasn't kidding.

So my mom, sister and Riley headed out shopping together, my Dad and TG hit up Harris Teeter for some last minute groceries and I stayed here with Camden who just wanted to sleep. By the time everyone met up back at home he was feeling better and was more than willing to smile for my new camera!

He played with Gampy and used his knuckle as a teething ring.

He did some walking with Gammy.

And he practiced his crawling, which he just started the day of my familys' arrival! By the time of this post he is about 50% tummy scoot, 50% crawling on hands and knees. He can also go from sit, to tummy, to sit by himself. This is his, "I'm gonna get you Mom!" face.

Then he played tickle fest on the couch with TG. It's a little harder for us to get Camden to laugh and smile than it was Riley, but when he does, it's too cute!

Eyeing "the claw!"

It's gonna get me!


P.S. Upside of amazing new camera = shutter speed allowing me to snap all his giggles and grins and clarity of photos. Downside = so clear you can definitely see that my kid had sweet potatoes for dinner. :)


  1. so jealous of your new camera...i feel like i miss so much and I wouldn't have to take 20 pictures to get "the one". What kind did you get? I need to put it on my list!!! ;o) MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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