Monday, January 3, 2011

Feeding The Reindeer

A friend of mine gave Riley some magic reindeer food.

I have never heard of leaving food outside for the deer, but she told me she has done it since she was quite small.

The food was a mixture of oatmeal and glitter. We told Riley that we needed to spread it in our yard so the reindeer would know where to land on Christmas Eve.

So after dinner my Mom, sister, TG and I took her out the front door with her little bag in hand.

She happily threw the first fistful.

Then she decided that she should just dump the rest out on top of our flowers.

It was about this time that we told her she needed to hurry to bed so Santa wouldn't skip our house. We asked her if she heard sleigh bells or saw his sleigh.

All of a sudden a look of absolute panic came over her face as she pointed to the sky just beyond our home. On the verge of tears she stumbled back to the door, kicked off her shoes as fast as she could and tried to run upstairs. There was a moment of confusion as we tried to sort out what had happened.

We were able to calm her enough so she could show us that she had in fact seen Santa's sleigh and Rudolph and that he was very close to our house. So close that she feared he might skip our house if she didn't get up to her bed as quickly as she could.

What exactly did she see?

The red light on two large water towers just beyond our neighborhood.

Just another great story for our memories of Riley girl.


  1. That is a super cute idea and how perfect that she saw "Santa's sleigh!"

    We have friends that break out a large elf every year around Christmas and tell their kiddos that "Sant's helper is watching, they have to be on their best behavior." Then they move the elf to a new spot every night and when the kiddos wake up they tell them, "Santa's helper reported to the North Pole, he's watching and you'll have to find where he is watching from."

  2. Awww, how sweet!
    We do the reindeer food every year!


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