Monday, June 14, 2010

Seen and Heard


In the past month or so, Riley has started to enjoy bits of time playing quietly by herself and it could not have happened at a better time! Usually she will just look at me and say "I gonna go play wit all my coys" and then take off to the play area or her room. Actually I think this all started when I dumped out a humongous box of Little People on her floor because I needed the box it was in. She didn't really show much interest in them this winter, but now...

She just loves setting up the little houses and putting all the vehicles in a row.


Riley: Daddy, I tell you secret.
TG leans in
Riley: Daddy stinky. PFFFT. (It's a game we play where we pretend to tell her a secret and blow a raspberry in her ear)
Riley: Go take shower Daddy!

Riley: Brudder awake now?
Me: No honey he's sleeping, try to be a little quieter.
Riley: Okay, I will. I will Mommy.
2 seconds later
Riley: Brudder awake NOW?
Camden crying
Me: Ummm...

I'm holding Camden in my lap while he "stands up" over and over again. Riley is crawling on TG's lap. She bangs her head into Camden. They both start to cry.

Riley: I so sorry!
Wailing now
Riley: Brudder get me!

Ahhh such is the life with two.


  1. oh, ouch on the head bang...and she is so funny!

  2. I'm a big fan of the fact that she is only 2 1/2 years old and already blaming Cam for stuff.


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